“Signaline” cold road marking paint is based on solvent and alkyd resin.  

This paint is used for marking of all kinds of urban roads and expressways, parking lots and other areas. Chlorinated rubber-modified alkyd-based road marking paint is the most common horizontal marking paint in Turkey. This one component road marking paint is applied by spraying on the surface and reflects light thanks to glass beads being dropped on the paint. Depending on the pigments used in it, the paint may be in any color. This solvent-based paint is applied in approximately 350 – 800 micron of thickness with spraying. The drying occurs by evaporation of the solvent on the surface.  

Our Signaline Solvent-based road marking paints are in compliance with TS EN 1871 and TS EN 1436 standards and also TSE certificated.


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